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Gooder Baked is led by Shannon and her life partner Brett. The company was born from many years of Shannon learning to live with multiple autoimmune conditions and trying to heal them. When she discovered that medication could only heal so much and food was a major player in health, she made a change and cut out gluten, eggs, dairy, refined sugars, legumes, and pretty much anything unnatural. This meant she had to cut out many of her favourite foods from her life, leaving her feeling unsatisfied without being able to get the treats she once enjoyed so much.


Through many years of eliminating and experimenting with different ingredients, we have come up with many products that Shannon can have that won't affect her autoimmune conditions. Now she is able to enjoy a variety of different baked goods and foods by using simple, natural ingredients.


In 2022, Brett and Shannon moved back to the South Shore where Brett grew up and brought many of the recipes they learned with them, which they can't wait to share with you.


We’ve worked hard to create our products for you to enjoy, sustain, or spoil yourself!


We are here to provide you with the best tasting goods using only natural ingredients and none of that other stuff you don't need. We do not use any gluten flours, refined sugars, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, seed oils, chemicals, or unnatural ingredients.

Our gooders are made with all natural, often organic ingredients - fresh to order in small batches to ensure you're getting a great tasting product. We know that finding products that are specific to your needs in grocery stores can be next to impossible. That's why we are here to help make your life a little easier with our allergen friendly natural baked goods.


Whether you are dieting or changing your life style, with our products you can indulge yourself without having to worry about what's inside. All natural and often organic ingredients to keep you and your body happy.


With local support we are looking to grow and have our products available for everybody everywhere! If you have any questions or product requests, please contact us!

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